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I've always loved reading, and I tend to read a lot of books about a lot of things. I don't read a lot of non-fiction, but when I do it is usually a celebrity bio or something about the Tudors. I love YA Fiction, and I am hoping to start reading some more New Adult. I also love psychological thrillers and mysteries. Recently, I especially enjoyed the Chelsea Cain series about the Beauty Killer. I'm also a fan of the book Graceling (the audiobook format is excellent). I've been a fan of Erica Spindler for YEARS and recommend her book, Shocking Pink, to those who have never read her before. I also look forward to Bentley Little's new release every year (every horror fan should know who B.L. is!). My most recent favorite series is The Selection, and no, I am not ashamed. #IReadYA

I'm a World of Warcraft gamer (Horde ftw!) and I am currently beta-testing WoD! Woot! 

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