Review of The One

The One - Kiera Cass

Satisfying ending, but it left me wondering if the series is truly done. It tied up well enough, but it would be cool to have another book with America as Queen adjusting to the life, as well as Aspen and Lucy getting married and having a baby. A lot more could be done to carry this story further, especially with dismantling the castes. 

Anyway, back to reviewing THIS book... Celeste is killed. It happens fast and is a little shocking, but other than a brief mention later, it's like the emotion of seeing that happen rolls right off everyone's back and it's a non-thing. We get that they miss her briefly, when all are gathered, but that's about it. If someone I had recently gotten close to was shot in the head in front of me, I'm pretty sure it would affect me more than that. 

As I said in a PREVIOUS review, America's dad IS a rebel. Guess I predicted that one. I'm torn on the whole north/south rebel thing. Is this a replay of the Civil War here? The Northern rebels are the "good" rebels and the Southern are the bad, violent rebels. America and Maxon still have their hands full with the rebels, but their new allies are proving helpful already. It would be interesting to see more of that play out in the future. 

Of course no one cares that the King is dead, but it would be interesting to find some private journals of HIS to read to see what made him tick and what made him the way he is. Is he a character that if we read his innermost thoughts we could feel sympathy towards? And, of course, we'll all miss the Queen. The novella about her will prove to be interesting, but we mostly already know that her and America were in very similar situations. I'd rather read about the King, personally, simply because I think he might offer a more interesting tale. 

All things aside, another fast-paced, fun read that I read in a few hours. I even bought this final book as an autographed copy. I know some people were very critical of the writing, but honestly I've read so much worse and this at least entertained me. 

If Kiera Cass is so inclined to write more for this series, or a side series focusing on some of the other lesser characters, I would definitely read them.